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16th January 2020



Over last week the first of Ainscough Crane Hire’s operational teams stopped work for in depot Safety stand-down days to carry out a series of safety-related training and activities. Locations included Aberdeen, Dundee, Falkirk, Glasgow, Lancaster, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol.

A first in the sector, the initiative was part of our ongoing commitment to Make the Safe Choice and was designed to get everyone thinking and talking about their own safety and the safety of colleagues, customers, and visitors.

Ainscough Crane Hire’s Make the Safe choice safety culture includes an established comprehensive range of life-saving rules and procedures – including safety conversations, near-miss reporting, one-to-one safety discussions, site audits and Safety, Health and Environment meetings – to create a safe working environment and help us all work towards eliminating accidents.
The feedback from the wider team has been positive and there is a multitude of benefits to be gained, post these events. The whole team have been proactively engaged with the sessions, gathering feedback regarding the value they may have gained from the day;
Mike Jones, Crane Operator, Bristol Depot said “It gave us chance to input and listen to others across the board, a chance to air our views on topics”
“Informative for the team and a good start to the year” explained Chris Owen, Crane Supervisor, Carmarthen Depot
“We had a good Q&A, enjoyed it and it’s nice to hear we are improving things” outlined Tyrone Fox, Crane Operator, Cardiff Depot

Peter Gibbs, Chief Operating Officer explains: “Make the Safe Choice, is our number one priority: keeping us all safe.
“The safety stand-down was a major investment for us as the business effectively stopped for a working day, but it demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our employees, customers, and visitors.
“We want to reiterate to all our employees that they should always challenge unsafe behaviour and stop and Make the Safe Choice on a job if they think it is unsafe.
“We have worked hard to ensure this has not affected our customers, the team did everything we could to minimise the impact and I am sure that our customers recognised the importance of this initiative.”

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