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20th July 2016

Ainscough Crane Hire Use Specific Crane To Carry Out Tricky Job


The Ainscough team used a Liebherr LTM 1130 – 5.1 fitted with VarioBase® in order to carry out a very tricky job in central London. Working for bespoke furniture designer and manufacturer Rock & Bone, Ainscough was tasked with lifting a 20 foot ISO container to a rooftop terrace on Mortimer Street in the Fitzrovia area of the capital. Fitzrovia, home to the BT Tower, is known for its narrow, often cobbled, streets and tall elegant residential buildings — meaning very careful preparation was required.

Inside the container was a range of specially designed furniture commissioned by the penthouse apartment owner from Rock & Bone. With limited clearance between the buildings, narrow pavements and various items of street furniture to contend with, it was necessary to use a VarioBase® enabled crane. Developed by Liebherr, VarioBase® allows for the crane’s stabilising outriggers to be set at independent levels while achieving the necessary spread to undertake the lift safely. This means that cranes can operate in constrained locations of those with non-uniform footprints.

Set up took place on Riding House Street, the lift of the 4.1 tonne payload used a 60 metre boom to reach the terrace 31 metres above the ground over a distance of 22 horizontal metres. Steve Hawkins, Contract Lift Manager said: “Conditions don’t really come more complicated than this. It was an tight location and would have been impossible to complete in the way the client needed without using the VarioBase® crane.

“The fact that we were able to carry out this job safely and efficiently is because of the skill of our operators, the detailed knowledge and meticulous planning we brought to the job.”

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