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29th April 2016

Ainscough Support In Electricity Network Fault


Ainscough Crane Hire was on hand to lend vital support quickly when a transformer failed at an electricity substation in Grantham, cutting power to around 13,500 properties.

Many homes and businesses had their power restored within an hour, however generators were required to restore the remaining properties affected.

Electricity Distribution Network Operator, Western Power Distribution (WPD), summoned our help to the substation in Spring Gardens, Grantham, next to the East Coast railway line. Using one of our 150 tonne cranes from the Nottingham depot, we installed temporary generators to get power flowing once again and a series of ISO containers for use during the necessary repair work.

Thanks to a strong co-ordinated effort by all parties, all power supplies were restored within two and a half hours of the incident. WPD Engineers were on site throughout the night, along with support from Ainscough fleet, working to secure supplies.

The event generated widespread media interest due to the flames and smoke coming from the substation.

Matt Hall from the Nottingham depot said: “It was a great example of how we can respond to emergency situations and quickly mobilise our fleet and our talented drivers to help rectify a situation.

“Power cuts can be inconvenient so it was essential that we were able to support WPD to get things moving again as soon as possible.”

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