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2nd November 2017



Earlier this week we published an article about our new welfare vehicle fleet.

It certainly seems it caught your imagination as we’ve received a few messages asking to see pictures of the internal kit out.

Always happy to oblige, have a look at the gallery below.

The key part of the design of the vehicles has been the input from our operator team – the people who’ll use them on a daily basis. They know more about what they want and need out of their welfare vehicles more than anybody else in the business and they have led on the design.

The vehicles feature:
• Flat screen TVs,
• Kitchenette area with halogen hobs and running water
• Comfortable bed bunks
• Lots of storage
• Showers
• Toilets
• Integrated window blinds
• 240v power sockets powered remotely or by hook up

Like all of our vehicles, our staff take great pride in them especially as they have designed them to their own specification.

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