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Gareth Jones – My Ainscough Story

Heavy Cranes Operators are responsible for some of the most complex lifts in Ainscough’s daily operations. But as a fully-fledged crane enthusiast working within the UK’s largest fleet, Gareth Jones is in his element. This is his Ainscough story.

Gareth Jones: My Ainscough Story

“Describing a typical day as a heavy crane operator is an almost impossible task, especially with the volume of work a large company like Ainscough delivers. Monday morning means I’m looking forward to a week of providing a multitude of lifts for all manner of clientele. I can be overseeing a demolition one day, only to be laying the foundations for a new build project the next.

“After 12 years of working in crane operating it’s exactly that kind of variety which keeps the job so exciting. I might be based in Leyland but this job has truly taken me all over the country, meeting influential people and establishing long-lasting working relationships.

“I’m a big motorbike fan and have always been into machines. Having young kids means I’m doing a lot of LEGO building at the moment as they go through that obsessive period of playing with trucks and hard hats, and it’s still exciting to see the real thing when I get on site in the mornings. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored by the impressive scale and technical detail of our equipment. I’ve had a collection of model cranes for a few years now, and thanks to the ever-changing landscape of crane design, it’s still steadily growing.

“We’ll regularly receive updated, higher classes of vehicle to ensure maximum sophistication in our lifts, and with the workplace constantly undergoing so much development and change, there’s tons of re-training involved, and every day is a learning curve. I’m currently driving a 450t vehicle – one of the most innovative models available on the market.

“Working with such advanced technology is a real comfort on site, and not just in efficiency. Ainscough is known for our meticulous approach to risk assessment. When you’re in a safety-conscious environment, it’s reassuring to know you’ll be relying on state-of-the-art specialist equipment.

“However, our greatest asset is still our team. It seems like such an obvious component in business, but I’ve seen so many companies who lack that atmosphere of teamwork and group achievement. As a Tottenham fan, I’d say Mauricio Pochettino would be impressed! There’s a lot of collaboration between old-timers and new starters, which promotes a fantastic level of shared knowledge and innovation. Someone will always know the answer, whatever the question may be.

“After a few years working for Ainscough, I decided to test the waters and moved to a different company, but within six months, I was back, unable to find a work environment with the same level of experience and trust amongst its team. Most people who I work alongside have had the company recommended by current employees – myself included – and I would definitely endorse Ainscough as a brilliant place to work to anyone who is considering joining us.”

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