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Laura Thompson – My Ainscough Story

Ainscough Crane Hire can attract employees from more than just the construction industry. Just ask Laura Thompson, a regional sales manager, who joined the business in 2017. In the two years since her contract began, she has found it to be a more rewarding position than she could ever have imagined. This is her Ainscough story.

Laura Thompson - My Ainscough Story

When it is time for a career change, I think you realise pretty quickly. For me, that moment came in 2017, when my current job just was not cutting it for me anymore. I found myself struggling to find any satisfaction and so, I began the daunting task of looking around for something new. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, and nothing I found online could help me, so I called one of my friends, who happened to work at Ainscough.

Crane hire wasn’t something I was really familiar with but as we got chatting about life there, I began to feel like a career with Ainscough could be that exciting step in a new direction I’d been missing. I asked him to keep me in mind for any future sales jobs and he told me that luckily, one had recently become available. I spent that weekend pouring over research about the company in preparation and within days of interviewing, I was delighted to receive a phone call asking me to start work full-time.

At first, as with any new job, I felt a little out of my depth. Coming from a background in commercial laundry and catering equipment, as well as the specialist care sector, it was a pretty big change. But I did have experience in the construction sector and the atmosphere at Ainscough has always been really approachable. I’ve never felt scared to ask my colleagues for help and that’s the kind of comfort that can make a really big difference whilst you’re finding your feet.

Regional Sales Manager means I’m constantly moving between different projects, getting updates on progress and making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. Even when the lift looks to have gone perfectly, you’ve got to be constantly looking for areas to improve and it’s that kind of attention to detail that can feel so rewarding when you help to implement a creative new strategy.

Life at Ainscough Crane Hire has definitely got a really great culture about it. My patch is Yorkshire, North East & Humber so I’m always somewhere different, meeting interesting people and learning new skills. It’s also really rewarding to witness the project develop. Being there when the contract is signed to seeing the completed scheme is very satisfying – especially when we have happy customers at the end of the day.

Everyday can bring a new challenge, but it can also bring a really exciting opportunity. There has been lots of memorable moments and as I drive around I proudly point out landmarks to my family that Ainscough has worked on. And there is always something new on the horizon to add to my portfolio of projects. For example, I am really looking forward to seeing the completion of the new roof at Leeds Train Station in the coming months.
I would definitely recommend working with Ainscough to anyone, even those who’ve never considered it. For me, it’s been a bit of a life-changer; I’m incredibly lucky to spend my days working with such a passionate team who are experts in their individual fields – I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Ainscough Crane Hire is always looking for the brightest and best talent in all fields. From head office to operating some of the world’s biggest cranes, there’s a career at Ainscough for you. Anyone looking for a career change can visit the Ainscough careers page.

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