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My Ainscough Story – Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts, Assistant Depot Manager for Ainscough Crane Hire in Bristol, was recently honoured for going above and beyond, displaying core company values, and adapting to the ever-changing nature of the job with the Ainscough Crane Hire Recognition award. This is her Ainscough Story.

I joined Ainscough Crane Hire in March 2021 following almost a decade of senior experience in supply chain management, logistics, and transport management at companies such as DHL and Viridor Waste Management. Responsible for overseeing the hire control aspect of jobs, I work alongside hire controllers to manage efficient transport, legalities, and the organising of staff members.

Briefly having to undertake jobs outside of my remit during an interim period while we recruited a new depot manager, I’ve also been handling compliance, health and safety, and general HR jobs such as employee welfare.

We work as a region supporting each other, working as a team to get the job done. A lot of the team are remote which adds another dimension to my role, checking in on colleagues who naturally can experience frustrations, whether they’re isolating due to the pandemic or simply away from home on a job. Team members can work irregular hours and being in regular contact with them means I need to be conscious of and sensitive to protecting their mental health while on the job.

Being on the ground with the team as well as dealing with customers face-to-face requires a variety of communication and solution-finding skills. Working on the coalface with operational delivery, you’ve got to be dedicated to making things work. There’s a lot of juggling in my role and there’s frequent change that requires us to be adaptive and quick-thinking. Interfacing with the delivery of the job itself, it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone in the team delivers the work we’ve promised.

Receiving the Ainscough Crane Hire Recognition Award for going above and beyond was a total surprise to me, and actually left me quite emotional as I was appreciative that my commitment to the role had been noticed. I was recommended for the award by Adam Hodgkins, Sales Manager for Bristol, having displayed core company values such as passion for the job, reliability, teamwork, and willingness to be open to new ideas.

It’s really wonderful to have an employer who recognises and rewards hard work, even if my kids did spend the prize vouchers within 30 minutes of receiving them!

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